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Gimmel Global Trade Inc. (GGT) is a registered business, incorporated in Regina, Canada in Dec. 2009, Entity No. 101154502. As a Professional Commodities Trader (PCT), or import-export international trading company, GGT is set up for buying/selling physical commodities in the agriculture, construction, metals, energy, chemical, PPE, and other sectors, also involving logistics and associated procedures, as well as education and training in all such matters. Since 2020, we have also been supplying factory-direct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from mainly Canadian Manufacturers/Suppliers, and giving back to the communities we serve, fulfilling the meaning of the name ‘Gimmel’.

In 2011 GGT aligned itself with, was mentored by, and frequently represented, FTN EXPORTING, based in Australia and founded in 1988 by recognized International Trade Negotiator, Davide Papa, author of “International Trade and the Successful Intermediary”, among others. Now concentrating more on trade and less on training/mentoring, GGT has been expanding its global sourcing operations, securing 'hard-to-get' commodities to sell to customers under long-term contracts. Generally, GGT’s customers understand that they will get quality products for a very competitive price, and that due to our experience and strict trading procedures, their products will be delivered safely and on time. GGT has accumulated a healthy database list of trusted Supplier and End Buyer Clients and other experts world-wide from which it can draw on to enact new trade opportunities with new clients seeking our assistance.
About GGT


To connect export Suppliers of products/commodities with import Buyers seeking such and safely facilitate the corresponding international trade transactions that transpire as a result, protecting all parties involved, and giving back to the communities that we do business with.

About GGT


To be world class import export specialists that trade commodities and help build communities.

About GGT


“Gimmel” is the word for the 3rd letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and its meaning is associated with giving to charity and stability, which supports the vision (and namesake) of GGT. Being a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) company, it has committed itself to giving back to the communities in which it does business, and has a committee to make decisions in such matters. One of its long-term projects has been with supporting Leadership, Team, Job and Role Model Programs for minority and under-privileged  youth in Canada through the sport of SEPAK TAKRAW (Kick Volleyball).

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K nowledgeable of correct international trade rules and procedures necessary for safe and successful transactions

N o-Nonsense transparent/honest approach with all potential and current clients for mutual trust & understanding

O ptimal Support and efforts provided to our clients that goes above and beyond to ensure security & success

W ell-connected globally and locally to be able to assist your company in achieving your business goals

L oyalty Programs favouring repeat customers that fosters long-term business cooperation and good will

E xtra Careful with every step/procedure, right from sourcing product with Suppliers to delivery of such to Buyers

D Due-diligence is a necessarily meticulous and mandatory part of every potential transaction

G ives Back to its loyal clients and the communities it serves and does long-term business with

E X P E R I E N C E putting into practice correct trade rules/procedures necessary for safe/successful

Richard Engel, Canada
CEO – Corporate/Trade/Logistics
GGT founder and majority owner, has lived/worked in Canada, USA & China, speaks some Chinese, has decades of experience in business, writing, trade, logistics, sales, negotiations, contract formation, and 17 years importing exporting.

Adam Martin, Canada
Has had a successful business career owning window coverings and residential & commercial construction companies, small business sales, and working as an agent contracting with mergers and acquisitions in the oil & gas field service industry.

10+ Years Experience

Gimmel Global Trade Inc. (GGT) is a registered business, incorporated in Regina, Canada in Dec. 2009,
  • Due Diligence
  • Sourcing Suppliers
  • Coordinating Logistics
  • Sourcing Buyers
  • Trading Commodities
  • Bulk Factory Direct PPE Supplier
  • Facilitating International Trade Transactions
Pierre Arens, Luxembourg
CEO – Finance
GGT co-founder and minority owner, has over 25 years experience as a multi-talented C-level banker with extensive expertise in mid - large Corporate and Merchant Banks. He has had posts in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Dubai before currently reintegrating Finacorp Luxembourg.
Website : www.finacorp.lu
Samson Chen, USA
Has a background as a medical doctor in China, then lived and worked in Singapore, HK, and USA with marketing for a major pharmaceutical company, before settling into helping families with their financial planning goals.

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General FAQs

We value questions and feebback, and will try to keep this section up-to-date with answering some of the most frequent questions that come up in the course of business or from the contact form. So please feel free ask your question(s) by submitting such on our  “Contact” page

The name and grade with full specifications, quantity, and other important information of the sought-after product are determined and understood – via product samples and/or documentation such as inspection reports, technical data sheets or quality/standards certificates, etc. – right from the beginning by all parties privy to the potential business endeavour. GGT ENSURES that the specified name/grade/full specifications, quantity , etc., are also hence forth indicated on the Offer and Contract formed, and ENSURES that such information also becomes part of the ‘Export Documents’ required to be presented clean 100% at sight to the Seller’s bank for credit collection – but only AFTER a 3rd party inspection (by a company like SGS) of the goods and documents are completed and APPROVED, Customs clears the goods for export, and loading of the vessel has commenced.

               In other words, the goods MUST be as per specified in the Contract and its respective Export Documents, if not, the goods are rejected by the 3rd Party Inspection Authority and Customs, and does not get loaded onto the ship. In this case, the Buyer’s DLC that has been sitting in the Seller’s bank would not be able to be collected upon by the Seller, because the goods’ documents could not be presented “cleanly” to the bank. The Seller does not get paid, the Buyer keeps their money.

               All of this speaks to the importance of having an experienced company like GGT handle an International Trade Transaction for you. This is what we do. We protect not only the Buyer’s interests, ensuring they get what they order, but the manufacturer’s and our interests as well. We all have a lot at stake in any given potential trade deal. GGT becomes deeply immersed in every aspect of an international trade transaction from beginning to end, knows what needs to be in place at every juncture, and coordinates every aspect on both the Supplier’s and Buyer’s side of the deal.