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• Health Canada Licenced, MDEL # 14210
• Products of Canadian Manufacturers
Factory-direct Supplier of PPE/Medical, Safety, & Cleaning products
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GGT PPE operates under Gimmel Global Trade Inc. as a factory-direct, Health Canada licensed importer/supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (MDEL # 14210). Our PPE operations commenced in early 2020 during the pandemic lockdown. Since there were no PPE manufacturers in Canada at the time and a shortage of PPE supplies, we set out to make use of our business and manufacturing network in Asia to source and import the much-needed PPE for distribution in Saskatchewan and across Canada. As the pandemic evolved, our business operations evolved with it; including SOURCING DIRECTLY FROM MAINLY CANADIAN MANUFACTURERS, GGT has become a trusted local PPE Supplier, known for friendly, professional service, promptly delivering some of the highest quality products on the market today, at very competitive prices.
-> Due to partnerships with not only PPE Manufacturers, but also with National Supply Companies that carry over 8,000 product SKU’s specializing in Cleaning, Sanitizing, Industrial, and Safety Products, GGT is able to offer a diverse range of products to its customers.
-> OUR MAIN CUSTOMERS include Medical Supply Stores/Companies, Pharmacies, Retail Stores, and Distributors.
-> During the pandemic, we have also supplied some end user entities, including the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club, the Ministry of Social Services, multiple SK School Divisions, and various businesses.
-> All our PPE products sold for use in medical, dental, school, and other professional facilities dealing with the public, are Health Canada approved for medical use.
-> Word of mouth advertising with those close to GGT has also brought individual customers, especially those seeking masks that they are not allergic to.


“It is so great to be able to get comfortable masks that I am not allergic to!”
(Helen, Regina SK)

“I struggled to find a mask that provides me with the level of safety I require that also does not cause adverse reactions. I spent so much time and money testing out different brands, only to suffer from hives and skin irritation. Then I was introduced to GGT’s CA-N95 masks, not only are they comfortable and light weight, but they are hypoallergenic! I could feel the diffrence immediately, there is no uncomfortable rubbing, no more hives, and the fit is fantastic! My daughter, who is a Ukrainian Dancer, LOVES them too, especially when she has had to wear a mask during her 4-hour dance sessions … the mask fits securely over the nose and under the chin, doesn’t rub or become wet, and she also now has no more skin outbreaks! If you are looking for a comfortable, light weight, hypoallergenic mask, I would strongly encourage everyone to give GGT’s masks a try! I am so very happy we did!”
(Janelle, Regina SK)

For more information, or if you are a Retailer or a Distributor looking for better products, Contact us.


At the beginning of the pandemic, GGT was importing PPE from manufacturers in China, as there were no Canadian options, and our goal was to help fill the gap in supply in our province and country. Gradually Canadian manufacturers of PPE started popping up across the nation, and now our main Manufacturers and Suppliers are LOCAL CANADIAN COMPANIES, along with a select few overseas manufacturers … all of which are ISO 13485 and/or Health Canada approved companies. GGT carefully selects only manufacturing partners that produce the highest quality, most durable, comfortable, and even HYPOALLERGENIC products, with a VARIETY OF COLOR OPTIONS, all for extremely competitive prices so that we can offer the lowest possible prices to our customers.


If you are a Pharmacy, a Retail Store, or a Distributor that is on the look-out for Better Quality, Made in Canada PPE, Cleaning, Sanitizing, Industrial, and/or Safety Products, then please contact GGT on our Contact Form or email us at [email protected] for a quote on the type of product that you are on the hunt for. If at all possible, we will be happy to source and supply for you, drawing from our partnerships with both Manufacturers and National Suppliers of more than 8,000 SKU’s of products.